be embraced by the relaxing sound of gongs

be embraced by the relaxing sound of gongs

be embraced by the relaxing sound of gongsbe embraced by the relaxing sound of gongs

What happens during a gong bath?

You will lie fully clothed on your mat, covered with your blanket. We provide an eye-pillow to support the maximal relaxation of the facial muscles. You just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the session.

What should I bring?

All you’ll need is your drinking water for post-session rehydration, a yoga mat and a blanket. Blankets and mats are available to borrow on request. Herbal tea will be provided after the session.

What should I wear?

 It is best to wear warm layers and socks.

I can’t lie down can I still take part?

 Absolutely! Sound Cuddle gong session can be experienced sitting down comfortably, either on a mat with your back supported against a wall or sitting on a chair with back support.

I don’t like noisy environments. Are gong baths very loud?

The gongs are being played in a gentle but a very specific way to ensure optimal relaxation, no banging or crashing loud sounds. The aim of these sessions is to relax.

How long are the sessions?

 A Sound Cuddle gong session usually lasts about an hour but can be adjusted according to group’s requirements. 

Is it suitable during pregnancy?

It is not recommended during first trimester.

Are there any contraindications?

Gong baths are not suitable for people with seizures and sound-induced epilepsy. If you suffer from a serious mental health condition please consult the practitioner prior to booking.

Are children allowed to attend?

Children are allowed under participating parental supervision. Please speak to your practitioner for more guidance before booking.

Do I have to know how to meditate?

 No, during the session you direct your attention on the sounds that the gongs create which will help you to relax.

Do I have to talk? Is it social?

 During the gong session you lie on your mats comfortably and silently but after, you may wish to share your experience but it is entirely up to you. People often choose to chat whilst having their herbal tea that is provided after the sound session.

Can I drive afterwards?

It is best to leave at least 15 minutes after the session finishes before you drive. Within that time, you can enjoy the tea provided or just move around gently, or if you wish have a chat with other participants.  

Is my practitioner First-aid trained?

Yes, your practitioner is First-Aid trained by St John Ambulance. 

How much does it cost?

The prices for our regular Gong bath sessions can be seen under Events page. For private and corporate bookings please send your enquiry to